How to loop on lines inside an IndexedContainer

Hi to all the vaaders !

Here is the issue i encounter, maybe some of you could help me :

I use a with a Table which contains 3 columns named “Number”, “Name”, “Address”.
I need to update the Num column of the indexedContainer so that it appears like that : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …

How can i create a loop on the indexedContainer to modify each Num field ??
I am searching something like that :

for(each line i of IndexedContainer ic){
modify the “Num.” field value

First: You can let the table automatically number your rows:


To loop of the items in the container:

for (Object itemId: container.getItemIds()) {
Item item = container.getItem(itemId);

Might be not 100% syntactically correct, but it should give you some ideas.

Kim Marivoet