How to lazy-load Grid from a Spring Data backend

there is very nice tutorial how to lazy-load data from BE

But there is used older hilla/vadin version.
Could you please update the project to the latest Hilla version?

I have difficulties defining data provider:

async dataProvider(params: GridDataProviderParams, callback: GridDataProviderCallback) {
const page = await PersonEndpoint.getPage(, params.pageSize);

callback(page.content, page.size);


Seem that GridDataProviderParams and GridDataProviderCallback are not valid anymore.

I can’t also find any good documentation for it.
Is there any, please?

Thank you.

Let me check what’s going on

Here’s an updated version in the repository. GitHub - marcushellberg/hilla-grid-paging

The main difference is that GridDataProviderParams and GridDataProviderCallback are now typed

I also created an issue for our docs that we need to document the use of DataProvider Document how to use dataProvider with <vaadin-grid> · Issue #1803 · vaadin/docs · GitHub

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much Marcus for quick response. Works :slightly_smiling_face:

There is lazy loading vaadin-grid plus backend filtering example in GitHub - TatuLund/hilla-demo: Application demoing some realistic use cases with Hilla framework