How to Intergate Vaadin with Oracle Map Viewer to display map in the browse

I am using Oracle Map Viewer to render map in the browser page. I am able to run the Demo project provided by Oracle and check the response of the map by changing the script.
But now I am facing an issue of how to display this map in page using Vaadin as when I look at the Demo provided by Oracle all I see is Javascript functions which render map in the demo project.
I don’t know whether can i just copy these javascript lines in .execute function provided by Vaadin or I need some other way to display the map.


I’m not an expert on Oracle Maps, but if you wish to do something more advanced with it I’d suggest to make a full Vaadin server side wrapper for it. I have done couple of these slippy map implementations. They are not easy to make, but no rocket science either.

For simple stuff you can probably just use @JavaScript annotation in Vaadin code to inject required scripts to the “host page” and then call the api with something like this: com.vaadin.ui.JavaScript.getCurrent().execute(“callStuff();”);

What features would you need from Oracle Maps? Are you somehow tied to their JS client? What I’d suggest is to look into other slippy map implementations, with existing Vaadin APIs, and just us the tile layers provided by Oracle Maps server. I’m pretty sure it supports TMS or WMS standards that you can easily connect to for example