How to integrate UI to Hibernate?

Hi All,

Please give me a clue how to integrate UI to Hibernate?

Thank in advance

, see also


Not that JPAContainer is by no means a must have, nor is direct dependency to Hibernate. There are lots of Vaadin with Java EE + JPA examples hanging around and in case you deploy your app to JBoss or Wildfly, you have succesfully “integrated” Hibernate to your Vaadin UI. Or, if you use Spring instead of Java EE, you’ll get Hibernate by default as you JPA implementation. I strongly suggest using either Spring or Java EE as a basis for any non-trivial Vaadin app.

One of the simples available is my
Vaadin on Java EE crud example
. It is “branded” as TomEE example, but it works as such in Wildfly as well, and then you are using Hibernate.