How to include customLayout html in Valo themes


I am using Valo theme, and have all the themes included i.e. flat, dark, metro etc, I also have a custom theme html layout in tests-valo theme folder. as shown in the attachment


How do i include the same file in all other themes withought duplicating the file in all theme folders?



If I understand you correctly, any theme resource can be pointed with ThemeResource. So if you want to point to some resource, you do it easely:

Resource r = new ThemeResource(“test-valo/layouts/patentviewlayout.html”);

Why do you need to create copy?

Hello Anatoly,

Thanks for your reply, I using the theme selector, so user can select a theme among the 7 available, now if the user is using the default theme test-valo then the test-valo/layouts/patentviewlayout.html will be used. But when different theme is selected then the application is looking for the custom layout in the corresponding folder of the selected theme.

My question was how to make this custom layout html common to all themes? so that I have only one file to edit and maintain the changes.


I guess you could read the file from the classpath (using Java), and use the
Stream option for the CustomLayout template