How to implement User Registration/Sign Up in a Vaadin App?

Hi everyone,

I want to build an App where users can register/sign up themselves.
I’ve checked numerous articles and examples, but I am still rather confused. There are some examples on how to do login forms, but I haven’t yet found an example of how to do registration, i.e. how create new users and how to hash passwords and so on.
I tried some examples using apache shiro and mysql, some worked, some didn’t, some are very outdated, like most of the vaadin related stuff on the internet.
So, what I want to do is pretty simple:
I want the users to be able to sign up themselves and to be able to login later on.
The application should also be able to save information about sessions and also load this on demand.
I can use a mysql db to store the data and any tool, framework or and addon that provides such a functionality.
I am pretty new to this all and I need some help to do this.

Same here, facing the same issue right now seems like we have plenty of login components and sign-up examples but not even a single example of user registration.
This post is 4 years but no answer can someone update?
Thanks in advance.

Hi! Have a looked at this example for Vaadin 14:

There is also more use case examples here: and a video tutorial how to connect to backend