how to implement search for Componenttree defined in Addon

Have extended ComponentTree defined in addon to have a 3-state checkbox . Can anyone let me know how to implement search for this tree of checkbox
my code looks like this

public class ComponenttreecheckboxApplication extends Application {
public void init() {

	 Window mainWindow = new Window("Components Application");
     ComponentTree ct = new ComponentTree();

     ComponentTreeItem i1 = ct.addChild(createDummyComponent("1"));
     	ComponentTreeItem i11 = i1.addChild(createDummyComponent("11"));
     		ComponentTreeItem i12 = i1.addChild(createDummyComponent("12"));
     		ComponentTreeItem i121 = i12.addChild(createDummyComponent("121"));
     	ComponentTreeItem i122 = i12.addChild(createDummyComponent("122"));
     		ComponentTreeItem i13 = i1.addChild(createDummyComponent("13"));
     		ComponentTreeItem i14 = i1.addChild(createDummyComponent("14"));
     		ComponentTreeItem i15 = i1.addChild(createDummyComponent("15"));


private Component createDummyComponent (String header) {

    CssLayout l = new CssLayout();

	CheckBox c= new CheckBox();

    return l;


and i havnt done any changes in file. Any suggestions pleace How to implement searchHandler for this kind of tree