How to handle parameters when using a html gateway?


I’ve got a custom HTML file I use my app with (like in the reservr example), and it seems that window.handleParameters() does not get called in this case. I also tried adding a URI handler with no luck.

How do I handle GET parameters when using the app through a HTML file?

Just to clarify, my app implements ParameterHandler and I add it as a listener to my main window, but it’s handleParameters() does not get called.

Unfortunately parameter handlers don’t work with custom HTML pages, but this functionality will be implemented soon.

For a workaround, you could either create your own component (both server-side and client-side) which would collect the parameters from the URL and pass them on to the server and further route them to the actual ParameterHandler…

…or you could extend the ApplicationServlet class and modify the “writeAjaxPage”-method which would generate the customized HTML code for your application.

In any case, I created a ticket which you can follow here: