How to getrow Id from table with out using set selectable

Hello Vaadin Experts,

I had a Horizontal Layout in one cell of the table which has only textfield in it. When I click on the textfirld a pop up comes in and asks for the value to be entered into the textfield.

My problem when i had 2 rows in the table the value that i selected from the pop up is entered into the final row text field but not the row which i selected.

When I set the data into the textfield or the layout the data of the final cell is reflected.

I don’t want to use set selectable for getting the row id.

Please find attached img.

Please Help me out

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If I understood that correctly, it seems your popup gets a reference to the last row, not the row you actually clicked. You need to make sure the popup gets the correct references. How to do this is hard to say when you don’t provide any code - I have no idea how you have populated your table, ad how the popup is opened.

Perhaps you could provide code?

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