How to get ValueChangeListener to respond immediately

Before I start, I do know about setImmediate(). I am using setImmediate() on the Table and I added the ValueChangeListener to the Container. When I added the VCL to the Table, nothing happened.

So, I’m trying to get a ValueChangeListener to respond immediately to input in the Table. If I type something into an editable field and tab out, I would expect that to generate a ValueChangeEvent. Is there some reason it doesn’t?

For those interested, I have a working project on GitHub
Please note the README.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I think the problem is, that the value of the table is not changed, but instead the value of the component your are editing.
Try to add the VCL on that component.

There was a discussion about this already


Thank you for pointing this out. It turns out I need to put the listeners on the individual cells. I do that in the FieldFactory.

I’ve posted my changes to