How to get value before releasing the mouse ?

I am a beginner in vaadin, wish someone could help me with this simple question. As mentioned in the topic, I would like to know how could I get the slider value before releasing the mouse. This value must be able to fetch as it is shown in the small feedback indicator. I would like to fetch this value instead of only getting value from the ValueChangedEvent.

Basically, you can’t get it. It’s only available in the client side (browser) and is not sent to the server side, until the value has actually changed - that is, in the ValueChangeEvent.

Out of curiosity, what would be the use case?

Thanks for your answer.

In my case, I would like to use the slider to function like a timeline of an animation. When draging the cursor of the slider, I would like to see the changes of the animation (made of images generated based on the data at that time). Now since I can only get the image when I release the mouse, I could not know exactly when should I release the mouse.

What I would like to realize is to have kind of indicator to tell me at which exact moment, I should stop my cursor. e.g. when we want to forward a video on youtube, we will have small window to indicate the realtime image.

Alright, in that case I’d say you have to implement it yourself (probably on the client side to provide a bit faster response to the current mouse position). As far as I know there’s nothing like that in the Directory either. You could of course use the Slider code as a starting point.