How to get Vaadin 7 visual designer to work

Whether I use Eclipse Juno or Indigo on 32bit or 64bit Windows or Linux, no matter what I never get the visual designer to work.
I always use a fresh eclipse download and install the vaadin pligin using and m2eclipse.
When I then download the addressbook sample from the git repository as a maven project and try to open the UI in the Vaadin editor I either always get error messages regarding a missing xulrunner installation or that the custom component cannot be rendered.
I tried almost every combination, which literally took me days. The project can be compiled just fine and it loads well on my Tomcat installation. Just the visual editor is not working.

It really drives me crazy, since I used eclipse as a professional java programmer for many years, but I never experienced such problems.
I might have missed a very certain step, since the problem seems to be of general nature.

Is there any specific combination of OS, Java version, eclipse version and plugin that works?
Is there a more detailed how to available?

Thank you very much for your appreciated help.

Hello, are you using jdk 32 or 64?

i think eclipse visual editor works only with jdk 32-bit

try to post it on the new forum

The visual editor is not compatible w/ V7. There were underlying changes that the visual editor does not know anything about (i.e. ContentMode is now an enum and not a static value from the Label class).

You cannot use the visual editor to open a V7 component.

I still use the editor for new components though. You can lay things out visually, then switch to source view and fix the errors that you run into. Note you cannot switch back to the design view after making the changes.

I think there was a thread about the visual editor getting retired rather than supporting for V7, although I’d hate to see that happen.