How to get Select to show list on focus

I have a Select component with a few items in it. These items are the drop down list items. I would like the the drop down list to be displayed as soon as the user puts the focus in the component. How can this be achieved?

Taking a quick look I’d say you will need to change the Select components client side code by adding the

 suggestionPopup.showSuggestions(currentSuggestions, currentPage,

line to the onFocus method .

Can you give me some more details about how to do this. Am I creating a custom component to do this change (overriding the onFocus() method), or something else.


I suggest you start by taking a look at
Developing New Components
. After you understand that the simplest way is probably to copy paste the code from the VFilterSelect class (since almost everything is private so you can’t simple extend the class) into your own Select components client side class and do the change to the method I suggested.