How to get performance metrics of client side in Vaadin 6


I want to get some performance metrics about client side in Vaadin 6 such as:

  1. Layout time
  2. Server visit time

I can find “server visit time” in debug window, but no browser layout time. Is there any way to get this kind of metrics?

Isn’t there sth like “Processing time was XXXms for XXX characters of JSON” in the debug window? It is the time Vaadin takes to render the UI. You can check out this
Debuggin Vaadin Application

There is also the “Server visit took …”, which you already knew.

Hi Haijian,

Thanks for your help. I just didn’t realize this output means rendering time-_-


That is not actually just “rendering time”, but the whole time spent handling of an XHR visit. Also note that the “server visit took” contains browser and network latency in addition to the time spent by server handling the request.

I would really suggest to look at out integration test product
. Using it you can get results without the debug mode during your automated integration tests. There you can also get the actual time spent by your servlet serving the particular client. This way you can get more fine grained results and optimise the right bottleneck (if you have one).