How to get Form's caption style on another component


I have an interface that has 2 forms and a panel laid out horizontally. I want all three of them to have a common appearance. When I set the caption for each, the forms have a caption with a line on either side of the text, and the panel has a caption that is left aligned with no line next to it. How do I give the panel’s caption a similar appearance as for the form caption? I tried hunting through the built in css files, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Thanks in advance

This is a real kludge, but what I did was add a form with no content in it as the first component in the panel and set the form’s caption, and left the panel’s caption null. There has to be a more elegant way, but this works well enough.

Maybe you could use three separate labels instead of setCaption. That way you can theme then yourself, but you’d lose the horizontal line around the caption.