How to get column width in Table

I need to know real column widths in a table in order to save and reapply them.
The getColumnWidth method returns -1 for every width not setted by code.
The ColumnResizeEvent will inform code the size is changed providing also previous size but only for resized fields.
I didn’t find any way to get that info for all columns in my table.
Could someone suggest a solution ?

table.addColumnResizeListener ?

With resizeListner I only get the width of modified columns non the width of others columns in which I didn’t set explicitely the size.

The javadoc says:

  • Adds a column resize listener to the Table. A column resize listener is called when a
    resizes a columns width.

I’ve tested it. It works for me.

It worked also for me but it didn’t solve my problem.
I need to know the size not only when the user resizes but in any situation.