How to generate vaadin widget at run time?

Hi all,

Our software is generating PDF document and send to our customers. However PDF is pretty boring and no interactions. We would like to present more interactive charts, data and even videos for our customers. Then I had the idea of using widget, (not sure if it is possible, never used). So that we can make an engine which automatically seal charts and data and videos into a signal widget file and transfer the file to our customer. They only need to open the widget (in web browser) and see the data and chart as the normal vaadin application.

Is that possible?


Hi again,

The idea is like generating a flash which contains everything and send the flash to customer. But I am considering Vaadin widget.



In a word, No.

Vaadin applications are server-side web application. They have to have a Java web-server available to them. You can’t “simply” (or even complexly!) convert them into a single file and open them in a browser with the server side being present.