How to format errorindicator

I need to format the errrorindicator depending on the textfields stylename. I couldn’t find any css rule which takes the v-errorindicator style in dependence of a stylename for the textfield e. g.

.my-stylename-for-textfield .v-errorindicator {
style: xxx;

Does someone know a posibility?

Best regards


I don’t think there’s a way to do this directly since the error indicator is part of the caption which is mostly handled by the containing layout. And as a result the related widget’s stylename isn’t applied to the caption. If a wrapper layout is acceptable, you could work around this by wrapping your TextField in e.g. a CssLayout and setting a stylename for the CssLayout. Then you could target something like: .your-csslayout-stylename .v-errorindicator {…}.