how to focus components inside a sub-window

I have a sub-window which contains a textfield. when i open the sub-window i need the focus to be in the textfield and all the text should be seleced.

i use the textfield.focus() and textfield.selectAll() method to achieve this.

But in the UI i don’t the textfield focued or all text selected.

i have focus and blur listeners added to the textfield where i just do a SOP. and i could see the SOPs.

am i missing out something?

Could you give some sample code on how you are setting the focus to the sub-window TextField on opening the window?

I tested setting the focus and selecting all in field both with:

field.focus(); field.selectAll(); UI.getCurrent().addWindow(w); and

UI.getCurrent().addWindow(w); field.focus(); field.selectAll(); both ways focused the text field and selected all the text in the sub-window so I could just start typing in new text over the old one.