How to fix wrong Vaadin widgetset version for some users due to browser cac

I see the odd error log entry where a user is getting a wrong version number. I know this is due to their browser caching an older version. Is there a way to force the browser to update their version? I can’t exactly start contacting the customers effected and tell them to refresh their browser cache or do a shift-f5, that doesn’t scale.

That being said I have a suggestion for the fine folks at Vaadin. What if the JS bootstrap file was renamed to include the Vaadin version, or something like that which would require a browser refresh? I know the browser is suppose to do some checks but it doesn’t always work, the only sure fire way I read to resolve it is to rename the file. To be honest even a build timestamp would probably be better because it would force updates if there were changes within the same version.

Good suggestionn about including the version number, it was implemented 4 years ago in 7.4.0 :slight_smile: Are you using something older than that?

I’m using version 8.4.1 but I’m still facing the same issue as in 7.4.0. Some browsers still cache keep the cached version…