How to do inline editing in Vaadin Grid without save button

I love vaadin Grid, Can’t wait to replace all the tables in our application with grids. But there are few things which i am waiting on. For e.g In our current table we do inline editing such as When user changes a row cell value we persist the change. I am looking for similar kind of functionality on Vaadin Grid without save button. Is there a way i can do about it.

               Also we currently use context menus for our tables but i didn't see a way to do that with Grids. Do i need to include some add ons or do i need to wait for another version of Vaadin.

             Thank you in advance.

Inline editing is not possible at the moment, but to my understanding, it will be included in some future release. Unfortunately, it won’t make it to 7.5 which is released in June.

Regarding context menus, I’ve used the
ContextMenu add-on
, however,
it does not support Grid
at the moment. That said, if you need to implement the support yourself, my bet is that it’s easier to implement the support to the ContextMenu add-on than building something yourself from scratch.