How to Do for Unit Postfix of TimelineChart


My timeline chart doesn’t show unit postfix like line charts (see attached image).
I had expected that a timeline chart is same as a line chart.

Could do you tell me how to do that?


I think it should work with something like

 timeline.setVerticalAxisNumberFormat("#,##0.0# k");

Thanks for your reply

I think it should work with something like
timeline.setVerticalAxisNumberFormat(“#,##0.0# k”);

No, it didn’t work. Nothing changed after calling the method.

I’m sorry, I was wrong. It did work.

But it didn’t what I had expected.

timeline.setVerticalAxisNumberFormat(“#,##0.0# k”);

This method fix the unit to “k”. The vertical axis number unit of Line Chart is automatically set.
Does tImeline chart such a method?


I don’t think so. Timeline uses
GWT NumberFormat patterns
, which are rather limited and you can’t have thresholds. The Chart component allows using JavaScript to format numbers, so you have a lot of freedom with that.

Thank you for your comments.