How to display data from database as popup menu on Tree Menu

Could anyone please assist on this…

  1. Created a Tree Menu.
  2. Get the data from Database (only one column).
  3. But, how could I display the retrieved data as a popup menu when I clicked an Item on Tree Menu…


What have you tried so far? Where did you get stuck?

I was able to store data from database into table. I used tree action handler to display the data when i click parent item from tree menu but couldn’t it. Action handler is expecting data as string. I tried to store the data into array and display it. But it was showing complete data as a single string. But, am looking for to display all values as a list (pop up menu) & select items individually.

I attached my code for your reference, please have a look. I’m looking for to display popup menu as list of Names when I clicked parent Item from Tree Menu.
21470.txt (4.4 KB)
21471.txt (1.92 KB)

Could you please advise me…