How to disable field's autifilling in Chrom?

In all input fields in Chrom appear nonsens texts - some texts, that were written in other text field. It seems, that it is connected with defaults IDs. It can be probably resolved for text fields with setting custom id with setId(…) method. But it doesn’t work for datefields, comboboxes etc. while the id is set for the parent div not the input itself eg.:

<div role="combobox" class="v-filterselect v-widget small v-filterselect-small v-has-width" id="Field-1553856663994" style="width: 100%;" autocomplete="off"><input type="text" class="v-filterselect-input" autocomplete="nope" id="gwt-uid-134" aria-labelledby="gwt-uid-133" style="width: 100%;" tabindex="0" dir=""><div class="v-filterselect-button" aria-hidden="true" role="button"></div></div>

Is the way to set id for inner element or to disable completation in Chrom?