How to detect if a key is pressed during a drag and drop operation?

Hi all,

When using Vaadin drag and drop, is it possible to detect whether a certain keyboard key is pressed while the drag and drop operation is taking place? I am trying to reproduce a feature of Windows explorer which allows you to copy a folder when dragging it while the control key is pressed.
By looking at the various API pages for Vaadin, I could not work out how to do this. I am trying to implement this feature for both trees and tables.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

DragAndDropWrapper.WrapperTargetDetails contains a method getMouseEvent(), which returns a MouseEventDetails object, which has a method isCtrlKey(), which would be the normal way to check for this. Unfortunately, you are working with Trees and Tables, and neither AbstractSelect.AbstractSelectTargetDetails nor Tree.TreeTargetDetails contains a getMouseEvent() method.

Perhaps you could
file an enhancement ticket
to ask that this method be moved up to com.vaadin.event.dd.TargetDetailsImpl?