How to Detach Panel from application

Hi i m opening a mod less window on click of menu item i have close button in my class which extends vertical layout ,my requirement is how to close particular window on click of close button


If I understood it correctly - you just have to keep the references to the windows you’ve opened and on the button click - do something like:


Thanks for your quick replay

We can also use getparent.().getApplication().close. This will close current window which has opned

Hi i m using navigater to move from one window to another i have close button in every window i have wriiten code getparent().getapplication().close(). to close current open window it is working now but problem

  1. It is Refreshing all the menu bar and loading page aging i.e it has to close current opened window and not load any thing again
    2.How to track the which window is opned in navigater and close the only that particular window