How to customize the path of the VaadinServlet (Vaadin 8 + Spring Boot)


We have a project that is using Spring Boot in combination with Vaadin 8.
The application is reachable on http://localhost:8080 and works fine, but it is also reachable on http://localhost:8080/vaadinServlet/ , we don’t want that.

I searched the source code and the manual, but I could not find the class that is responsible for doing this. I guess it is being registered as vaadinServlet as default because the class is called VaadinServlet. And we are mostly using the autoconfiguration of Spring Boot in combination with Vaadin 8.

Is there a way to adjust this, and if so; how?


It’s worse … resources on development are http://localhost:8080/vaadinServlet/APP/connector/…, but on production https://serverName/APP/connector/… with no apparent reason. Somehow, on production, the vaadinServlet part of path is missing.

The problem I have with this is following:
ResourceReference.getURL() returns URL as app://APP/connector/… which I want to change to something that iframe src is able to handle … but when there are different behaviour on development enviroment (windows) vs production enviroment (Linux). Looks like I would solve with … but I don’t like it.