how to customize/colorize panel scrollbar


I would like to customize panels scrollbar to match my application’s custom color scema/theme

How can I do that? Is it possible at all ? ( with css and with or without javascript)

I remember back then a few years ago there were some IE-only css properties to customize/colorize the scrollbar(s)

  • Are these properties became standard for other browsers as well? Or they still lack support for this feature?
  • Or is is it possible to to it in another (cross-browser) way?
  • is there a vaadin addon for this special purpose?


A quite precise answer to most of your questions:
Custom CSS Scrollbar for Firefox

Basically, it is specific to IE, apparently WebKit browsers implemented something similar, and Firefox doesn’t have it (yet?).
A solution is to avoid system scrollbars to simulate them (kind of sliders).