How to custom url without eclipse project's name

Hi folks,

Sorry if this question is not a Vaadin specific one but any help is welcome.

I’m trying to figure out how could I remove the Eclipse project’s name from my web application url.

i.e.<eclipse project’s name>/test


Is there any specific thing that I could put on my web.xml url-pattern to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!
Leonardo Panatta

You have to deploy the application to the root context. How you do that depends on the application server. For example, in Tomcat, you make a [tt]
[/tt] and copy it to the [tt]
[/tt] directory under the Tomcat installation directory to deploy it. (That doesn’t work when you are running Tomcat under Eclipse, only when you run it separately.)

Try right clicking on the project in eclipse, select
Web Project Settings
. In there set the
context root
to /

Thanks John and Marko. It was the context as you said.

By the way, I’m using JBoss AS 7 and even setting the context to ‘/’ it didn’t worked. The solution was to create a file named jboss-web.xml and set the context I want in the tag context-root:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Appreciate your help.
Thanks again.