How to create Passwordfield with fieldfactory in Vaadin 7


how can i create a passwordfield with fieldfactory in Vaadin 7? In Vaadin 6 i have got the fieldname like usersPassword and i could use the fieldname to decide to make a passwordfield of the incoming field in the facory. in vaadin 7 fieldfactory i can’t get the fieldname… only the fieldtype/datatype is given?

or is there an other way to get the fieldname?

Thank you!

i think i could use FormLayout with @PropertyId Annotation. But i have 3 Tabs which edits the same entity.
and on every tab there is a layout. can i add 3 forms to the fieldgroup like this:

FieldGroup binder = new FieldGroup(item);

ok, i’ll try and post the result later. But is it still possible in FieldFactory?

thank you.

Does anyone have any idea?

The following code should help you.
In particular look for the code near the “new FieldGroupFieldFactory()”