How to create new vaadin project?

I have installed vaadin, eclipse & appache-tomcat, all run fine individually.
I have brought vaadin-6.4.8 into eclipse as a project.

Following: “The book of Vaadin” section 2.4.1
When I try to create a new vaadin project and need to have a ‘runtime target’ (there are none available).
I click ‘new runtime’ and there is nothing there to select.
I click on: “Download additional server adapters”, after they have all downloaded I find that there are
none that are for appache-tomcat.
Where do I go from here?
Please help.
Regards Arthur


Did you install the “Java EE” edition of Eclipse? The EE edition contains some web app stuff that may not be included in the regular “Java” edition.

Could be some other issue as well. Try to set up Tomcat in Eclipse (in the Servers tab) before creating the Vaadin project.

This might be an issue with using an eclipse edition other than the JEE one, or simply a question of not having created a Server in Eclipse (a Server is just a configuration “wrapping” a server software installation that is typically outside the Eclipse installation, and allows you to start and stop the server) if you already have the adapter installed.

Note also that giving a runtime at project creation time is not really required - and if you are not planning to debug the application in a server controlled by Eclipse, you never need to set it. You could test the application by deploying it as a WAR to a separately started server after making changes, and connect to the server with the remote debugger (after enabling remote debugging on it; think about security before enabling it on a production server).

If you use eclipse for java developers helio, the adapter is included in the eclipse, if you want to run vaadin in glassfish or jetty, by default does not come so you have to download the adpater.

I have the Helios edition of eclipse (Java EE). there is no adapter.
Maybe I should download it again.

I tried to create a “server” under: ‘run’ + ‘External tools’ + ‘External tools configurations’.
But it didn’t show in the ‘runtime environment’ at project creation.

Regards Arthur

Looks like you can’t create a new server in the New Vaadin Project window, so you either have to create it before creating the Vaadin project, in which case you can select a “runtime environment” in the window, or afterwards, in which case you leave the runtime enviroment selection empty and add the project to the server after creating it.

You create the server in the “Servers” tab in the bottom-right panel of Eclipse UI (in Java EE perspective). If the Servers tab is not visible, you should be able to enable it from Window → Show View → Servers.

In the Servers area, click with right mouse button, select New → Server. A New Server window opens. Select “Tomcat v6.0”, for example, click Next. Click Browse to select where the server (such as Tomcat) is installed. Click Finish.

The “External tools configurations” is not used in creating a new server.

Thank you for your help I now have tomcat running for my project, but my ‘hello world’ class gives me
‘HTTP Status 404’
I have created many server variations and all give me ‘HTTP Status 404’.
How do I check to see if eclipse is placing correct files into tomcat space?

Regards Arthur

Please tell with more details how you start the server and how you try to open the application?

You need to use the project name in the URL (or more exactly the application context root - you can set it when creating the project or later in project preferences). For example, if the project name is “[tt]
[/tt]”, you’ll have to use URL: [tt]

And you must start the Tomcat from Eclipse using the “Start the server” button, not outside Eclipse, such as from command-line.