How to create a Popup (without URL?)

Hey guys,

here’s my next problem I’m facing :slight_smile:

Once a user is logged in in my application, he shell be able to click on a button, and then a popup is opened in which he enters some input.

How can I create such kind of a popup?

I would prefer if it can be created
without giving it an URL
, because wouldn’t this mean that everyone (also logged out users etc.) could access the popup by simply adding the URL in their browser?

I would be very happy if someone of you could share his/her experience with me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

The URL is required but is not a security issue. Popup windows belong to the same user session as the main window. Vaadin tracks sessions using cookies.

Do you want a popup within the page (see Window.addWindow()) or a top-level browser window? A URL is only required in the latter case, in which case see Marko’s comments.