How to create a FileDownloader that will allow the user to select where the

In our webapp in several places you can export the data on the screen in various formats.
I did create code that uses a FileDownloader to do the actual download, using a StreamResource that creates the data for the file on demand.
This works.

FileDownloader downloader = new FileDownloader(new StreamResource(new StreamSource() {
  public InputStream getStream () {
    // this is an expensive operation, so we do it on demand
    return createExportContent(Type.XLSX);
}, "export.xlsx"));

However, the file name always is what the application sets (static string here for simplicity).

How can I achieve that the user can select a file name and where the file will be saved? Right now it’s just downloaded into the default downloads folder of the browser.

Not sure why this posting is on the old forum, but I believe that’s a browser setting issue. If you configure the browser to automatically download the file, it’ll just do it as specified. If you remove that option, it should bring up an OPEN or SAVE dialog (with the SAVE option allowing them to choose the location and file name).

The old and the new forum are using the same back-end, so they have the same content.
One can of course copy links to either forum, so the reader can end up from one forum to the other…

Ok, then we’ll use the browser setting.

@Henri I see what you mean about the old/new forum. It appears that my RSS feeds are taking me to the old forums. Is there a way to get RSS from the new forums? I’m not sure where to find it so I can get the RSS URL.