How to create a ComboBox/ListBox/Dropdown tree ?

Hello everyone,
I’m a very new user of vaadin.
I wanna user vaadin in my looks so cool.

In my project,I need a widget,it’s a Tree in a Dropdown list,

any access to achieve this?

any idea could be great help for me,

please help me…


Hi, and welcome aboard Vaadin!

So if I understood correctly, you want to have some sort of button that the user clicks, and then show a dropdown panel that will contain a Tree?

I would suggest that you look into using the PopupView component, it’s a quite close match for this use case. You can find a demo of PopupView here:

Proper sample for PopupView is coming to Sampler in Vaadin 6.2.

I need an option group in vaadin similar to OPTGROUP in select html element. could any one help me out how to do that…