How to compile Valo theme in 7.3.beta1?

If I understand correctly, we still have to compile the themes with scss from the command line?

When we use the in-built theme compiler, it takes care of relative paths like this:

@import "../valo"; When I compile this scss from the command-line, the directory has to exist in my \WebContent\VAADIN\themes.
Ie I have to have an extracted copy of valo + any plugin scss.

Can I avoid this? Can I do this compile in the same way as the in-built scss compiler does it?

The import should be:

@import "../valo/valo";

Sorry about that. Wrote it by hand instead of using copy&paste.
The problem remains though; When I compile from the command line that “valo” directory actually have to exist.

It’s not as much about the beta, since the theme compilation is done by the Eclipse plugin (or any other IDE plugin). So try updating the plugin first.

If that doesn’t work, you can call the Java Sass compiler from the command line which is smart enough to search for the scss files from the vaadin-themes JAR. The Ruby compiler needs all the source files unpacked in the actual folder hierarchy.

Read these instructions
to compile from the command line using the Java Sass compiler. Be sure to check
the rudimentary Valo tutorial
as well.

Doh! The plugin works just fine… Sorry for the confusion.
For some reason I just assumed we still had to compile from the command line.