how to check whether any of the fields is modified or not

Hi All,

I am new to vaadin. In my current app, i should find whether any of the field (either TextField, or checkbox,Nativeselect) is modified or not in edit page.
if it is edited, I should display message like " Are you sure you want to save changes".
or else save changes directly.
Coming to the question, i tried 2 scnearious

  1. creating field group
    private FieldGroup testFields = new FieldGroup();
    String bindUname1=“Uname1”;
    String bindUname2=“Uname2”;
    final Field txtUname = new TextField(bindUname1);
    final Field txtUname1 = new TextField(bindUname2);
    testFields .bind(txtUname, bindUname1);
    testFields .bind(txtUname2 , bindUname2);
    //not working…


  1. directly calling txtUname.isModified()

none of them is working.
Is there any other option to find.

Thanks in Advance

Srinivasan G

Hello Srinivasan,

maybe this thread will help you!/thread/7481110