How to change value of table field?? Please guide...


I am new to vaadin.
Can anyone please explain, how to change the value of a table field in vaadin.
I have to display different status in one table field.

I tried using something like,

Function name()

// Code for execution

table.field.setvalue(“Execution complete”);
table.field.setvalue(“Execution failed”);

I am never able to see the status EXECUTING on the screen. It directly shows “Execution complete” or “Execution failed”

Please guide. I have strict client deadlines to follow.

As long as your execution is not done in an extra-thread, this cannot work as your method will be executed as a whole before its results are getting displayed to the client. And this causes the set value of “Executing” always being overridden by either “Execution completed” or “Execution failed”.

this thread
for background processing.