How to change the style of row, after an event?

I use the setCellStyleGenerator to correctly set a style class to table rows.

I need to remove on the fly the style of a row after it has been rendered. How can I do it?

Maybe is not possible to update a row style?

Do I need to clear the table?

I assume you are using Table component with Vaadin 7? In case yes, it goes like this

Allow to define specific style on cells (and rows) contents. Implements this interface and pass it to Table.setCellStyleGenerator. Row styles are generated when porpertyId is null. The CSS class name that will be added to the cell content is v-table-cell-content-[style name]
, and the row style will be v-table-row-[style name]

I.e. when you override method getStyle() for example you return “my-style”, you can target to two styles in your custom theme, .v-table-cell-content-my-style and .v-table-row-my-style. Use the later one for targeting a row.