How to change style of the Link.


Is there anyone who could help me to change a style of the Link? I have been trying to do this but without any satisfying results. I would like to be able to change the color of the link, I would like it to be not only one line but I would like words to be wrapped… In general I would like to change all visual attributes of the Link.

This is what I get in my application:

I would be very greatful for any help!


// Java

// CSS
.v-link-lorem {

.v-link-lorem span {

.v-link-lorem a,
.v-link-lorem a:link,
.v-link-lorem a:visited,
.v-link-lorem a:hover,
.v-link-lorem a:active {

Try these to get started. And to get it to wrap, use white-space: normal;

Thank you for your reply!

I also found an efficient way of locating css selectors of a given compoment by using the Fire Bug and it seems that customizing components’ style is no longer a problem for me.

Thank’s again!