How to change position of progress bar in UI ?

Hi Friends,

I want to change the position of progress bar in my UI but i am unable to change …

currently my progress bar in center of UI…But i want to change progress bar position according to me…

I think it will be happen only with the help of Css layout…

Thanks in Advance…

Do you mean the indicator that comes when you have a long loading process? That is by default at the top right corner. That can be changed with CSS code.

If you mean a component called ProgressIndicator, it’s position depends on where you put it. It positions like any other component, like button and label.

Hi Jens Thanks for reply…
Yes… indicator that comes when i have a long loading process.

I want that indicator in right below corner in my UI.

I am using ajax-loader as progress indicator.

Like we have a GridLayout(2,3).

I want indicator at (1,2) means 2nd column,3rd row.


The one that comes by default if the server is doing much can’t be set into a layout. it is on top of the application and you can just position it relative to the window.

What you can do is do the thing that takes a long time in another thread. This will stop the indicator to come. Then you create a ProgressIndicator instance that you put into the layout. When the process is ready you notify the UI to remove the indicator and update the data. You would also need a push (ICEPush) or pull (Refresher) add-on to
update the UI from another thread

Thanks for suggestion Jens…