How to change FilterTable height when window resized?

Is it possible to change the FilterTable’s height depending on the window size? My filterTable is in a tabSheet.
I tried setting the pageLength but it’s not enough good when window is resized.


I’m not sure if I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve, but would not just setting the FilterTable’s height to 100% do the trick? And maybe add an expand ratio for it too, if needed.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Unfortunately it’s not working the way I’d like to. If I set the height 100% and the expand ratio for the table the result is the default height (page length) of the table, which is 15 rows. Now I have a vertical scrollbar in the table, because I have a lot of data and I have a vertical scrollbar in the window. What I’d like to achieve is when the window sized to a smaller view the table’s height shrink to fit in the window, so the whole table stays visible and there is no need for the window to show the horizontal scroll bar (attached file).

Okay, if your layouts have valid sizing it should not behave like that. You should give the TabSheet (and the possible layout ‘between’ the TabSheet and the Table) a 100% height too. Then the table should be the only one having the vertical scrollbar. See for example the filteringtable demo site (link is in directory page of the addon). There it works just as described here.


Well, it’s been a while, but the problem came again, and finally I had a little time to dig in it a bit. So my solution was like this:

// myCustomComponent is a VLayout contains two HLayout and a filterTable

verticalLayout.setExpandRatio(customComponent, 1.0f); // because I had other component in the verticalLayout

panel.getContent.setSizeFull(); // without this the table just overflows

panel.setWith(null); // because I needed undefined width size

This produced dinamic height depending on the window size and undefined width.
Thanks for the help!