How to change cursor for individual data points?

I wrote a bug some months ago because I needed to show a different cursor when hovering over a DataSeriesItem depending on whether that data point could be clicked on to drill-down to further charts:
Although Vaadin Charts doesn’t currently support this, a workaround was suggested:

chart.setJsonConfig("{ plotOptions: { series: { point: {events: {mouseOver: function(){ = this.cursor; }}}, } } } "); But this solution requires that I have to set a “cusor” property on my DataSeriesItem object. I have no idea how to do that in Java/Vaadin. It’s probably easy (or impossible) - I’m not an expert Vaadin user. Do any of you know? I asked the question in the bug but haven’t heard anything in 4 months, so I’m asking here.

Ok, chalk one up to my Vaadin ignorance. It appears I can simply sub-class DataSeriesItem and add a member variable “cursor” and it magically makes it into the the mouseover function. Sorry - being a pure Java programmer, I apparently have no clue where (browser or server) the above javascript would be executed - I thought it was in the browser and DataSeriesItem, thus, had to be statically defined somewhere. But apparently I’m wrong :frowning:

Anyway, problem appears to be solved.