How to change csvalidation add on default color to customised color

I am using csValidation add on in my application it’s validate look fine but i want customised css color change for background colour is not changed.

This sample using coding : final CSValidatedTextField userName = new CSValidatedTextField(“username”);
final CSValidatedPasswordField password = new CSValidatedPasswordField(“password”);
userName.setJavaScript(“if (value== null && value < 0)” +
" "partial";" +
“else” +
" "Invalid";“);
password.setJavaScript(“if (value == null && value < 0)” +
" "partial";” +
“else” +
" "Invalid";");

this is my css for i try to customised but it’s not changed ! :

.validation,.v-validatedtextfield-focus.invalid, .v-validatedtextfield.invalid, .v-textarea-focus.invalid, .v-textarea.invalid {
background-color: white;

this is default REd color show the application, i need change the customised color. if any wrong implementation or other suggestion please let me know ASAP.