How to catch Cancel button event of the Grid inline editor?

Is there any event related to the Cancel button of the Grid inline editor.
I have to do some operations after closing the inline editor, (to disable and after close the editor ,to enable some components)
I’am using fieldGroup.addCommitHandler(new FieldGroup.CommitHandler()... . when save ,to enable again the components, but for Cancel I don’t know how to proceed.


You should be able to overwrite doCancelEditor() (or onCancelEditor() … not sure how it is actually called) by “extending” Grid like

Grid myGrid = new Grid(){ @Override public void doCancelEditor(){ //Your Code super.doCancelEditor(); } }; Disclaimer: Code is not made with an IDE so it may be faulty.


The example by Marius seems like a valid one, although it is also triggered when canceling the editing from the server. Basically we are planning on some events regarding stuff happening in the editor, but there are some technicalities details we still need to think about before actually doing these changes.


Hi Teemu,

Is extending the Grid the only solution at the moment for Vaadin 7.6.2?