how to call a html page from the same path as the Vaadin application?

I need to call javascript from an iframe, that closes that iframe:


For now I gave it “http://localhost:8080/myapp/#success”, and executing the javascript from the URI Fragment logic.

The problem with this is that my whole site gets loaded in the iframe before the URI Fragment is interpreted.

Now I’m thinking of simply calling a html containing the script in its head element, since the iframe is closing it doesn’t need to load anything, like this:


but I get a 404 when the link is returned from the iframe, and if I run it from the address bar, the application refreshes and nothing more.
I’ve added some javascript alerts in those htmls and they don’t fire.

This may be a servlet question.

How do I set in web.xml or something so that html pages are loaded normally from the same path as myapp?

I can’t use another servlet either.
Say I map ECDGServlet extends HttpServlet to /ECDGS/* or *.html

If I do http://domain/appname/ECDGS/success.html it will serve my app either way instead of the html

String url = response.encodeRedirectURL("http://localhost:8081/rl/ECDG/success.html");

How do I serve a static html file from the Vaadin appliacation path please?

I hear that in GWT you can serve html files from war directories

Guess this is it.


Solution? Serve the files from another web app so I can have the same short url and functionality for the vaadin app, since I can’t provide url-pattern filters or exclusions

Found an easier solution.
I’m serving the VAADIN folder statically, and I managed to stick and serve my html files from a directory under VAADIN, e.g:
http://domain/appname/VAADIN/res/success.html works