How to brows Vaadin project (web application) by use IIS

I’m new vaadin user, I have completely install windows server 2008r2 and Configure DNS and IIS service, and i have completely installed netbeans with Glassfish ,and connect SQL DB with netbeans and Glassfish, and create an application by used netbeans , vaadin, and Glassfish.I am capable to brows/run this application by used Glassfish in localhost, now I want to brows this application from another computer by used IIS.
Please help me how I can connect my application with IIS for browsing from another computer.

Replace the localhost with the server’s ip address (ie. from localhost:8080/myapp to then browse this in other computers.

Emmanuelle Victoria
Thanks for your help, I have already complete this step but isn’t working.
Note: if you know how to configure Netbeans, Glassfish and vaadin application for brows from another computer to use windows server 2008r2 (IIS). If you know please send me step by step, please help me.

You can check this
. Just to be sure, can you ping your IIS server using another computer? If not, then you have network issues here.

Networking connection is ok, please advise me first to last step. If have any tutorials or link please send me. Or if have any documentation to you, as you completed before, please send me.