How to bind the attribute of another class type which has no setter?

Hello! I am developing a client Java app using a Java API that is somewhat specific so I feel I need to give you some context to better understand the problems I’m having.

  • in OpenMDX one creates the UML models and the platform generates the code, basically Java interfaces (in case of my Java API)
  • one can then use this Java API in any Java application by including a couple of libraries
  • coding is basically to the above mentioned interfaces; Rest methods are invoked in order to communicate to the backend server
  • as I understand it, the concretization/implementation part takes place through the interface (and class??) proxy objects.

So far I was able to successfully bind one type (Contact) to my example form and CRUD operations are working fine.

Then, I wanted to go a step further and to include the Address along with other Contact attributes. This caused big problems for me.
Usually when a POJO has an attribute that is of a custom class type, there are getters & setters involved. If that were the case here, I guess I could easily bind (at least manually) this new attribute.


I can call contact.getAddress() on my Contact instance, however there is no contact.setAddress()!
I’ve already asked on the OpenMDX forum but didn’t get any useful replies so far, apart from:
One should keep in mind that calling contact.getAddress() actually returns only the container, not instances of Address themselves. In order to get all the Addresses that belong to the Contact in question, one must iterate over the contact.getAddress().

Does anyone have any idea on how to approach this issue? I know it is pretty specific but there must be a way of doing this.

Thank you very much!

To the moderators - please remove this topic, I found a workaround and this topic doesn’t have to stay here anymore (it doesn’t have any replies anyway).