How to avoid spinner for auto-complete?

Hi everyone,

I have changed the CSS to display the loading spinner in the middle of the screen, as per suggestions here in the forum.

However, this ways the spinner also shows up during auto-complete requests for example, which is not desirable. The application also does some polling, which is another pain point.

Is there a way to display the spinner on the center for some requests and show it in the default position for some others?

ps. I am stuck to v 6.8.8


The spinner is shown based on low level communication so you can’t really control it by the type of request.

In theory, you could set a style name on the top level that would affect how the spinner is shown. However, you would need to do it on the client side because trying to do it after a request is fired would not have an effect until the time when the spinner would disappear based on server response…