How to amend RichTextArea's height

Hi there,

I tried setHeight(), setRows(), requestrepaint() they don’t work. Any hint?

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Hope there is someone back from holiday, please help!

RichTextArea.setHeight() should work just fine. What is the problem?

Hi Artur, though it’s almost 3 years later and now for vaadin 7, RichTextArea.setSizefull() or setHeight(“100%”) does not work for me, while setWidth(“100%”) is fine.
Has anyone also found the problem?
My value is not showed inside the component, when using the two functions above.

Does it work with other size units (pixels)? If there is a problem, I suspect it only concerns relative sizes (100%) as all the cases I see with fixed pixel sizes seem to be working just fine.

This is probably
issue #11320

As I remember, it works fine with other size units. Only the relative size of height fails, which seems to be exactly the created issue.

Hello Henri,
Is there any chance to get the feature (#11320) in the near future? The ticket seems not yet processed.