how to addAttribute outside / before paintContent()

From the client side i sent a variable.

protected void initialize() {
		client.updateVariable(paintableId, "initialize", true, true);

Which i deserialize in the server:

	public void changeVariables(Object source, Map<String, Object> variables) {
		if (variables.containsKey("initialize")){
			initialize = true;

when setting data from application

public void setData(HashMap<String, Integer> data) { = data;
		if(initialize == true){
/* get data
 * [color=#F82121]
add attribute
 * request repaint

how to add attribute here, instead of in paintContent(),
 can i get a hold on the target before it is passed to paintContent()?
I don't want the application to process an if whenever a serialization is done.

The short answer would be you cannot and should not. You need to store the info in your class and use it in paintContent. The paintContent method is called at the end of the http-request if the component has been marked dirty (using requestRepaint) and should paint the current state of the component. The PaintTarget object is temporary and only valid during the paint phase.